Engineered Polymers

Discover how we help you take advantage of all the opportunities in the fast-moving engineered polymers industry, from recycled materials to (semi)-finished products.

Engineered Polymers

There are major developments in the plastics market – and opportunities are arising throughout the entire value chain: from recycled or composite raw materials through the most diverse processing technologies to semi-finished products.

Purchasing power, a broad technology portfolio, international structures and financial clout are just some of the challenges that have to be dealt with every day. Is M&A the right approach for your company? Our team of engineered polymers experts can help you answer this question for your business.

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Engineered Parts & Devices

Whether it is moulding, casting, turning, milling or punching, thanks to our solid market expertise we are acquainted with all these manufacturing technologies. From standard PE and PP to high performance POM and PEEK, from polymers to elastomers, from components to parts, from parts to devices, it is all about the one-stop offering.
Consolidation is driven by the need for an international footprint for global customers, diversification of end-markets and material & processing know-how. We can help you to stay on top.

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Extruded Products

Hoses, tubes, profiles, pipes or plates: extruded products are just as varied as their applications.
Sustainability, cost pressure or supply chain security are the most important topics in this field. We’re here to find the best solution for your company in this fast-moving environment.

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Mobility Plastics

Whether their solutions are for Automotive/Truck, off-road, on rails or in the air: plastics processors find themselves sandwiched between customers and materials suppliers. This creates significant size and consolidation pressure. The MP Mobility Team is absolutely on top of plastics and knows its way round all the relevant topics when it comes to Mobility Plastics M&A

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Durability, weight reduction and sustainability are just some of the keywords of our time. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, compounder or recycler, you will need bespoke specialist advice and local service, coupled with a large product range, whatever the end market in which you operate. Active market consolidation is one way to quickly tackle current challenges.

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The MP team has delivered on its promise. Due to experience, knowledge and high commitment of the involved team members, the transaction could be signed within the expected and planned timeframe without compromising on quality. We enjoyed working with MP and are looking forward to future projects.

Christoph Trentini, Managing Director at TT medic GmbH
MP provided excellent support to Isosport/Constantia Industries in pursuing its buy&build strategy. The proactive, highly professional, diligent and very pragmatic attitude were elementary success factors in our project. We look forward working on the next transaction with MP Karl Mad, Managing Director at Isosport

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