Our approach to maximising your value

At MP Corporate Finance, we know the value drivers of your business. And we believe that only the highest amount of attention brings in the best results. MP Corporate Finance is the undisputed market leader in industrial M&A, operating in dedicated sector teams to bring specialised experience and supreme market insights to each and every project.

Market leader in industrial M&A

Largest industrial
M&A team

Adding credibility
to your deal

Challenger mindset
and drive to succeed

Services in our industrial fields

We have a unique track record of over 700+ worldwide projects, and that means we have extensive experience in each of our core competencies.


Developing the optimal strategy to identify your targets and bring every transaction to a successful closing.

Buy & build

Mastering strategic acquisitions, sculpting the perfect equity tale, prepping for a successful exit, and conquering markets with bold product and value-chain expansions.

Capital raise

Crafting a compelling narrative, navigating potential investors, and experiencing the thrill of a successful outcome.


Identifying the value drivers and potential investors to divest your non-core activities – and achieve your strategic goals.

Private equity lifecycle management

Creating and driving the equity story to maximise your shareholder value from the beginning of your new investment to the exit.


Creating the perfect sales environment with the required degree of discretion, enabling you to get the best outcome for every aspect of the deal, from start to closing to maximise your value.

Industrial Fields

As market leaders in industrial M&A, our dedicated specialists understand what it takes to ensure the best deals.

Supreme sector knowledge around the world

We’ve been known for our in-depth industry knowledge and market understanding for decades. Operating in dedicated teams allows us to scale our efforts all over the world – maintaining full focus and expertise.

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in the last 36 months
in the last 36 months
transaction volume
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Ready to start?!

Our teams of specialised dealmakers and ambitious M&A
challengers, are ready to take on your challenge – and exceed your expectations, every day.

  • Market leader in industrial M&A
  • 700+ industrial M&A projects
  • 75+ professionals form the largest industrial M&A team
  • Adding credibility to your deal
  • Maximising your value with our challenger mindset

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