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We maximise your shareholder value. Our dedicated teams of specialised dealmakers and ambitious M&A challengers are ready to take on your challenge – and exceed your expectations, every day.

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We’re dedicated to maximising your value. We do so by combining our unrivalled industry knowledge with decades of experience and our drive to succeed. And we’ve been doing so for 25+ years.

Founded in the 1990s, we were the first M&A company to adopt a sector-focused approach to business. It’s based on the idea that you can only really take advantage of the opportunities within a market when you know everything about it. It means becoming part of the industry, the transaction parties, and the culture.

Our unique structure of specialised teams in dedicated industrial fields brings an unparalleled focus and depth to our work. In addition to exclusive market knowledge, it provides access to all major players in any industry around the globe. And that enables us to build the best strategies and sales stories, and bring the best value for every deal.

Today, we are proud to be the undisputed market leader in industrial M&A in the European market. We have 600+ industrial M&A projects under our belt, and our 90% deal closing rate shows our success. From our offices in Vienna, Frankfurt, Chicago, Istanbul, and London we fly all over the world to initiate, prepare and execute transactions for our customers.

But this is only the beginning. To continue our growth, we are expanding our efforts into several new regions and focus areas. We explicitly encourage employees to join our MP Equity Scheme and become shareholders in the company. By involving all different opinions, expertise and initiatives in the developments, we broaden our foundation and guarantee our independence.

Whatever the future holds, our basic principle remains the same. That is to approach every deal with the attention it deserves. To always bring the mindset, drive and dedication to maximise value beyond your expectations.

It’s a big deal.

Supreme sector knowledge around the world

To achieve maximum efficiency and security, we carry out regional and international projects with dedicated industry teams. At the same time, this allows us to scale our efforts with full focus and expertise.

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Our teams of specialised dealmakers and ambitious M&A
challengers, are ready to take on your challenge – and exceed your expectations, every day.

  • Market leader in industrial M&A
  • 700+ industrial M&A projects
  • 75+ professionals form the largest industrial M&A team
  • Adding credibility to your deal
  • Maximising your value with our challenger mindset

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