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There are many factors at play in the metal industry. Our dedicated team can help you to stay ahead in this whirlwind of rising prices, technological disruption and ESG regulations.

Companies in the metal industry are facing enormous pressure from factors like rising prices of energy and raw materials, technological disruption, ESG and specific end-market drivers. Players within the different segments – from volume and diversified metal parts up to semi-finished products – tackle these challenges by applying either specialisation or diversification, both in end-markets and applied technologies. M&A is a useful tool to strengthen your company. Our team of metal industry experts can help you to realise value for your business.

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Economies of scale serve as a significant driver for high-volume producers of metal parts. However, the wide variety of products and applied technologies leads to varying success factors and margin profiles. The positioning and volume dependency of machinery play crucial roles in determining critical size and achievable cash flows. Our experts understand all segments of the industry and are ready to advise you in your individual endeavour.

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High mix/low volume manufacturing entails diversification and reduced dependency on individual customers. Leading the charge in technologically advanced supplier markets are producers specializing in diversified metal components. Strategic adoption of clever automation and lean structures form the foundation for exceptional success and continued expansion within this competitive landscape. Leveraging our expertise, our team excels in developing top-tier buy & build strategies and equity narratives tailored for genuine niche leaders.

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The semi-finished metal industry consists of global engineered material companies across various metallurgical and other product segments, alongside niche SME specialists. Trade and value-added services provide convenient offerings for all metal processing markets, ranging from volume to diversified metals. With a deep understanding of the entire value chain, we can guide you through the distribution channels and the M&A logic involved.

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Tightening regulations, heightened consumer awareness, and the need for efficient resource utilisation drive the transition towards a circular economy. Recycling is the key to closing the loop and accomplishing this transformation. Achieving this requires investments along the entire recycling value chain encompassing waste management, collection, sorting, and processing. Whether through traditional mechanical recycling or advanced technologies like chemical recycling, we serve as your trusted partner in navigating this dynamic environment and identifying the right solution for your business.

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MP played an essential role in the successful sales process. A passionate team with seasoned members and a clear focus on concluding the deal supported us in every stage from preparation of the IM until final negotiations. Well-thought proposals at every stage helped to move the process forward and to keep the momentum until final conclusion of the deal.

Dr.-Ing Johannes Schmidt, CEO at INDUS Holding AG

MP added a great combination of execution and sector-focus competence to our transaction. With their challenger mindset they always were driving the process forward while overcoming macroeconomic setbacks by finding the perfect balance in pushing and having the right sense for the different bidders in the process. This combination was a clear value-add for the result.

Rafal Grabarkiewicz, Founder and Managing Partner at Fidelium

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