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Healthcare, Life Science & Beauty

Where science meets indulgence, shaping the future of wellness and beauty. Join us as we explore the intricate landscape of science, beauty, and wellness.

From life-saving medical devices to luxurious beauty products, the Healthcare, Life Sciences & Beauty sector is where innovation meets human well-being and indulgence. With our extensive industry insights, we provide tailored solutions driving advancements in healthcare, life sciences, and beauty. Whether pioneering medical technologies, innovating skincare formulations, or curating captivating beauty experiences, we’re committed to shaping the future of well-being and beauty through science and innovation.

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From development to large-scale manufacturing, or with a comprehensive range of services from discovery to commercial production, we guide you through every step of the process.

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The medical devices segment encompasses a wide range of products, spanning from traditional imaging and surgical tools to sophisticated implantable devices designed for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of medical conditions. Medical devices play a crucial role in healthcare delivery and innovation. Key growth drivers include technological advancements, increasing demand from aging populations, and ongoing industry consolidation. Leveraging our team’s extensive expertise and network, we assist clients in navigating the intricate M&A landscape across the entire value chain.

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From the production of metal, polymer, ceramic, or other engineered materials parts & components to (cleanroom) assembly of durable, biocompatible, and functional medical components, devices, disposables, and implants. Our team provides unique insights into this dynamic and fast-moving industry and helps you navigate this complex and rapidly advancing field by covering the entire healthcare manufacturing value chain with dedicated sector experts.

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Quality, innovation, branding, and customer experience are the cornerstones of the beauty and luxury industry. Delivering excellent products and services that resonate with discerning consumers seeking enhanced well-being, self-expression, and indulgence requires continuous reinvention. Seamlessly navigating all intricacies is therefore key to thriving, growing, and seizing strategic opportunities. We cover mass to prestige across a wide spectrum of segments including skincare, haircare, cosmetics, fragrance, and turnkey solutions. Our expertise spans every stage of the value chain, from design and marketing to R&D, formulation, bulk production, filling, logistics, and retail. With our comprehensive understanding and tailored approach, we ensure excellence across the board.

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MP assumed a key role in the acquisition of RICO Group, which is the first add-on for Semperit since the divestment of its medical business in late 2022. Due to MP’s excellent knowledge of the market, Semperit will be able to extend its leading position in the engineered polymers space. MP guaranteed a timely deliverable of the deal within a challenging time frame, while also facilitating a well-balanced negotiation environment with the sellers.

Karl Haider, CEO at Semperit

MP managed to generate a very well-balanced playing field, leading to a very good strategic fit with the final buyer. This all within a tight time schedule.

Rob Geurtz, CEO & Shareholder at Aarts Packaging

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