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Advanced Manufacturing

With our unique dedicated approach, we know all about the backbone of industrial and consumer products: the manufacturing industry. Find out how this will boost your projects.

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of industrial and consumer products. But the variety of suppliers in the field is as wide as this definition.

Our differentiated approach to the industry is to focus on specific technologies and materials, as well as on the critical manufacturing value-chain steps. It’s a unique way of working in the M&A midmarket. Our teams apply their experience to support you in consolidation topics, synergetic value-creation as well as excellent reach to strategic and financial investors.

Industrial sector leads

Industrial sectors

We’ve got unparalleled expertise based on more than two decades of industrial dedication. Check out our industrial sectors!

Electronics Manufacturing involves the intricate production of various components, including cables, wires, connectors, and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). These components are essential for Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), a process that demands cutting-edge expertise in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and box-build techniques to ensure efficient and high-quality production.

In today’s interconnected world, PCBs serve as the fundamental building blocks of every electronic device. They enable multiple functionalities across diverse end-markets such as automotive, aerospace, communication, defense, healthcare, and industrials. From initial design to final assembly, Advanced Electronics Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in bringing innovation to life and powering the technological landscape.

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Whether it’s moulding, casting, forging, turning, milling, (laser) cutting or punching engineered materials, our extensive market expertise ensures proficiency across all manufacturing technologies. From standard to high-performance polymers, metals, advanced ceramics, glass, or composites, our comprehensive solutions cover the spectrum from components to devices, providing a seamless one-stop offering.

The drive for consolidation stems from the need to establish an international footprint for global clientele, as well as the imperative for diversification across end-markets and mastery of material and processing know-how. Count on us to keep you ahead of the curve.Consolidation is driven by the need for an international footprint for global customers, diversification of end-markets and material & processing know-how. We can help you to stay on top.

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From initial development to large-scale manufacturing, or with a full range of services spanning from discovery to commercial production, we accompany you through each step of the process.

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MP managed to generate a very well-balanced playing field, leading to a very good strategic fit with the final buyer. This all within a tight time schedule.

Rob Geurtz, CEO & Shareholder at Aarts Packaging

I enjoyed working with the MP Team. Their professional full-service approach, high commitment and broad M&A execution experience combined with specific sector expertise and contacts made them a valuable partner throughout the whole process.

Tero Telaranta, Director at Ahlström Capital

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