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Automotive & Mobility

To make use of all the opportunities in the automotive & mobility sector, you need experience and a profound understanding of the sector and related verticals. Our dedicated automotive & mobility experts are ready to help you realise your strategic goals.

The automotive & mobility sector is familiar with significant variation in vertical integration, ranging from PC, (L)CV, and off-highway, to water, rail and aerospace segments. Based on our sector expertise, we serve specialist niche players up to global system integrators. Our dedicated technology and material deal teams act in the worlds of electronics within mobility+, the wide range of plastics and composite mobility solutions up to powertrain and structure-related metal parts and components. Altogether, this brings unique global M&A excellence in mobility & automotive.

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Within the automotive and mobility segment, metal parts and components play a pivotal role in the supply chain for global OEMs. Steel and aluminum are the primary materials of choice for various applications, including chassis, drive and powertrain, as well as interior and exterior components. Suppliers across different technologies face size pressure, compelled by the demand for global footprint expansion and extensive R&D efforts to adapt to industry transformation. The sector experiences significant M&A activities as a result of these dynamics.

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Whether their solutions are for Automotive/Truck, off-road, on rails or in the air: plastics processors find themselves sandwiched between customers and materials suppliers. This creates significant size and consolidation pressure. The MP Automotive & Mobility experts are absolutely on top of plastics and know their way round all the relevant topics when it comes to Mobility Plastics & Composites M&A.

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Connected, autonomous, and green – these three pillars signify a paradigm shift in individual and public transport, transforming mobility into a concept that transcends mere vehicles. As vehicles evolve into intricate and interconnected tools for daily use, the surrounding infrastructure must rapidly adapt to keep pace.

Our clients navigate challenges within this evolving mobility environment, spanning from in-vehicle electronic and software solutions to cloud infrastructure and smart infrastructure development. Our team specializes in supporting strategic projects, including value-chain integration, market consolidation, securing capital for growth, and identifying the optimal new owner.

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Specialized vehicle manufacturers often operate within niche markets. Catering to diverse applications and end-users, from private consumers to public entities, results in a wide range of customization requirements. Achieving scale and implementing lean production methods are crucial in such a highly diversified market. The ability to establish the right production setup, offer localized content, and collaborate on R&D efforts is paramount.

The industry, along with its suppliers, experiences various business cycles, providing opportunities for diversification. Leveraging our extensive track record, we possess the insight to understand buyer/target rationales within the industry, enabling us to add value to your specific M&A needs.

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In the commercial vehicle segment, there exists a multitude of IP-driven application providers alongside classical truck OEMs. Key segments include trailers and cranes, although the industry encompasses a wide array of additional offerings to meet diverse customer needs. Dominated by mid-sized market leaders within their respective niches, the industry presents significant potential for value creation and consolidation. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of each specialized field and is strategically positioned to support your M&A endeavors effectively.

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MP’s professionalism and active leadership during the M&A process was vital in achieving a successful transaction. Thanks to MP’s truly outstanding deal team and market knowledge, we were able to streamline the project and get in contact with several new and suitable potential partners

Sven Herrmann, Majority Shareholder at SI-TEC GmbH

I enjoyed working with the MP Team. Their professional full-service approach, high commitment and broad M&A execution experience combined with specific sector expertise and contacts made them a valuable partner throughout the whole process.

Tero Telaranta, Director at Ahlström Capital

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