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Engineered Materials

Empowering innovation across industries with comprehensive material solutions. Join us as we spark innovation and transformation in this diverse landscape.

From chemical compounds to technical films, textiles to refractories, Engineered Materials encompass a broad spectrum of components and applications. With our specialized expertise, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique material needs, driving progress and innovation across diverse sectors. Whether enhancing performance, optimizing sustainability, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our team is dedicated to guiding you through every stage of the process.

Industrial sectors

We’ve got unparalleled expertise based on more than two decades of industrial dedication. Check out our industrial sectors!

From adhesives to elastomers, flavors to food ingredients, petrochemicals to commodity chemicals, and resins to additives, the landscape of mergers and acquisitions now encompasses durability, sustainability, biodiversity, and weight reduction. These are just a few of the keywords defining our era. Whether you’re a manufacturer, trader, distributor, compounder, or recycler, specialized advice and local service tailored to your needs, alongside a diverse product range, are essential regardless of your target end market. Embracing active market consolidation offers a swift approach to addressing current challenges.

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Whether it’s moulding, casting, forging, turning, milling, (laser) cutting or punching engineered materials, our extensive market expertise ensures proficiency across all manufacturing technologies. From standard to high-performance polymers, metals, advanced ceramics, glass, or composites, our comprehensive solutions cover the spectrum from components to devices, providing a seamless one-stop offering.

The drive for consolidation stems from the need to establish an international footprint for global clientele, as well as the imperative for diversification across end-markets and mastery of material and processing know-how. Count on us to keep you ahead of the curve.Consolidation is driven by the need for an international footprint for global customers, diversification of end-markets and material & processing know-how. We can help you to stay on top.

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Extruded products span a diverse spectrum, encompassing hoses, tubes, profiles, pipes, and plates tailored to diverse applications. In this dynamic sector, sustainability and material innovation stand out as crucial considerations. Our commitment extends to guiding your company through this rapidly evolving landscape, offering innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, from polymer materials to metal and aluminum products. This includes trading & distribution, ensuring seamless access to these specialized materials and facilitating their integration into various industries.

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Films and laminates for technical applications fulfill a wide range of functions, including insulation, shielding, protection, and absorption. Producers must grasp the unique requirements of various applications and sectors like industrial, construction, and medical. The ability to adapt swiftly to dynamic markets is crucial, driving the demand for M&A – an area where we excel.

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From the production of fibers, filaments and yarns, to the weaving, knitting, bonding, and manufacturing of finished fabrics, each step of the textiles value chain defines the characteristics of the end product. Successful players must not only excel in their field but also master the requirements of end-use applications. Our team specializes in bridging this gap, finding optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

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The refractories industry plays a pivotal role within the industrial sector, serving as a cornerstone of value creation. Refractories are specialised heat resistant materials that provide the linings for high temperature furnaces, reactors and other processing units critical to industrial operations at high temperature levels. They are indispensable across various industries and are fundamental to the production of steel, aluminum, copper, glass, lime, cement, and ceramics. Global megatrends such as recyclability and decarbonization are driving technological advancements, prompting industry stakeholders to make strategic long-term decisions. The refractories industry features a unique landscape, with a few multinational corporations dominating half of the sector while smaller players comprise the remainder, leading to significant consolidation pressure within the industry.

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Tightening regulations, heightened consumer awareness, and the need for efficient resource utilisation drive the transition towards a circular economy. Recycling is the key to closing the loop and accomplishing this transformation. Achieving this requires investments along the entire recycling value chain encompassing waste management, collection, sorting, and processing. Whether through traditional mechanical recycling or advanced technologies like chemical recycling, we serve as your trusted partner in navigating this dynamic environment and identifying the right solution for your business.

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Economies of scale serve as a significant driver for high-volume producers of metal parts. However, the wide variety of products and applied technologies leads to varying success factors and margin profiles. The positioning and volume dependency of machinery play crucial roles in determining critical size and achievable cash flows. Our experts understand all segments of the industry and are ready to advise you in your individual endeavour.

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MP was able to guide my team and myself through a complex and time-consuming process in a professional, friendly and motivating manner. Thanks to their expertise in the wood-based materials market, it was easy for them to understand and communicate our business model and our success factors.

Markus Höchli, Former owner & CEO at Argolite

MP’s professionalism and active leadership during the M&A process was vital in achieving a successful transaction. Their understanding of the industry and hands-on approach were crucial factors. The full-service approach of the MP Team, their high commitment and broad M&A execution experience and contacts made them a valuable partner throughout the whole process. They maintained the process discipline, stuck to the timetable and delivered a very successful outcome. It was a great pleasure to work with the MP team.

Willem Kamps, Managing Partner at Berk Partners

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