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Kendrion acquired Magneta

MP Corporate Finance acted as the exclusive advisor to Kendrion N.V. in the acquisition of German Magneta GmbH & Co KG, a manufacturer of electromagentic clutches and brakes.

As part of the long-term strategy of strengthening the existing activities of the industrial propulsion technology unit, Kendrion N.V. acquired 100% of magneta GmbH & Co. KG. magneta constitutes an important extension to the business unit in the areas of engineering, know-how, product range and an extension to the customer base. Furthermore, both companies profit from the synergy effects, such as the joint use of existing sales channels and the exchange of product knowledge and technical know-how.

Kendrion N.V., which is listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange, develops, produces and sells electromagnetic components for industrial and automobile applications. Kendrion electromagnets are used across the world in products such as lifts, door locks, industrial robots, medical equipment, electrical control boxes, diesel engines, air conditioning and engine cooling.

Magneta GmbH & Co. KG with offices in Aerzen, Germany, is a company specialising in the production of electromagnetic brakes and clutches, whose products are used, among others, in cash machines, industrial applications and in the automobile industry.

Logo's of Kendrion acquired Magneta from the founder

Kendrion acquired Magneta from the founder

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