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The Top 5 Finance Magazines

Nowadays, staying up to date about world affairs or specific branches is easy as news flashes flood our smartphones in real-time. Within finance, numerous websites, magazines, podcasts and much more coexist to provide information to curious readers. Especially when it comes to financial topics, there are many different ways to gather the information you need, but given the number of sources, the quality of reporting suffers. However, just as in other sectors, the reliability and trustworthiness of the information source should have the highest priority. Finding a serious and informative newshound is not always easy; therefore, I present my favourite finance magazines and websites that keep me updated about financial matters.

Financial Times

The world’s leading business newspaper from London has made its task to keep you up to date on financial matters and economic journalism. The magazine is divided into two sections: the main section contains national and international news, including political and economic comments. The other section gathers financial data and information about companies and markets. The easiest way to get your daily dose of finance news is to subscribe to one of the various FT Newsletters, covering specific topics like Fintech, Impact Investing, or emerging markets. My personal recommendation: the “Due Diligence” Newsletter, keeping you up to date on M&A activities.

The Wall Street Journal

Besides business and economic topics, the agenda of the American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” includes a daily analysis of the international financial market. The market section covers all relevant topics regarding money and investing, from single stocks and bonds over currencies to real estate and mutual funds. Even if the WSJ covers the international financial market, the focus of the conservative newspaper lies on the US economy. On top of the classical newsletters on financial matters, the WSJ also provides analyses and insights on Venture Capital and Private Equity on a subscription model.

The Economist

Unlike the previous ones, “The Economist” has an essential focus on politics and international relations. Thus, the Economist is a valuable source for viewing financial matters in the big picture. The newspaper is split into geographical and thematical sections, including a major finance & economics part. The articles review and analyze the finance industry from a geopolitical and governmental angle. Going beyond financial matters, the newsletter “The World in Brief” gives you a concise summary of global news several times a day.


The American business magazine “Forbes” is famous for its rankings of the wealthiest people or the top companies in America, known as Forbes 400. But besides these lists, the magazine publishes columns regarding money, covering topics like private equity, hedge funds, personal finance, taxes, and retirement. Forbes is less of a breaking news service and more of an article-based platform to inform you on specific (finance) matters. Twice a week, you can get M&A related updates if you sign up for the “Deal Flow” newsletter, informing you about the recent deal activities.

Money Magazine

The last magazine I want to present to you is the “Money Magazine”. The goal of the magazine is not only to publish finance related news but to “educate, inform, and empower you to own your personal finances.” Articles, newsletters, podcasts and videos on everyday topics like mortgages, insurance and loans provide you with guidance to improve your financial success. The Money Magazine focuses on the investing part of finance through easy-to-understand financial advice.

Staying up to date is vital for making reasonable decisions, forming rational beliefs and keeping up in the financial sector. The vast number of sources and the high pace of reporting make it increasingly difficult for us to overview the flooding and focus on the crucial information. The right choice of informational source forms the basis of a financial knowledge routine. The five mentioned magazines and websites serve as a suggestion for you to deal with the daily flood of financial and economic news. Depending on what you are looking for, these sources provide you with an overview of financial matters, which you can access mostly without a monthly paid subscription. Whether you prefer a print, web, or mobile version, I am confident that you will find something among these alternatives to keep you updated. But it would be best to consider checking multiple sources as there can always be fake news washed up.

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