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Pöllmann RA sold Müsing to Felbermayr Group

MP Corporate Finance acted as the exclusive financial adcisor to law office Hanns Pöllmann, the insolvency administrator of RM Beteilugungs GmbH – “Müsing Branch”, a provider of specialised construction services & EOD in the trade sale to Felbermayr Group (AT).

Müsing Branch is a well reputed construction specialist with a niche strategy in hydraulic engineering on a small scale, special ground construction (mainly stabilisation and improvement of soils – an activity requiring much specialised know-how) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), owning all corresponding licenses for this special sort of activities. Since its foundation, the company has realized a stunning number of projects with a geographical focus on Berlin and Brandenburg.

Felbermayr Group is a Europe-wide competent and high-performance partner with over 1,800 employees providing solutions for the most difficult transport problems as well as know-how and expertise in areas such as road, rail and water transport as well as the leasing of cranes, working platforms and lift trucks, and heavy assembly. In the construction field, the service portfolio is rounded out with areas ranging from building construction, underground construction and special ground constructions, demolition, the sale of gravel up to solutions for waste management.

Logo's of Pöllmann sold Müsing to Felbermayr

Pöllmann sold Müsing to Felbermayr

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