Off-Site Fuschl
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Off-Site Fuschl

As every year we came together to our off-site team meeting. This year the off-site took place in Fuschl am See, Salzburg, Austria. The aim of this annual meeting is to get in touch with colleagues out of the daily business in the office and with colleagues, you are not working with daily. Further, we get an overview of the last business year and the business plans for the next period. Additionally, training and team building events are scheduled in the off-site meeting.

On the morning of 11th September, the whole team met at Viennese main train station as we arrived in Salzburg by train. As all our seats were booked in the same area in the train, we got the chance to start the off-site already at the journey to our stay for the next three days: The Schloss Hotel Fuschl, where not only to mention all our rooms were very comfortable and luxurious but also the food and beverage was excellent.

We started at the hotel with our working lunch and a team meeting. During the meeting, we were informed about the latest closed deals in 2019 and about the MP vision 2025. The new hires introduced themselves to the whole team and got a warm welcome. In the end, we celebrated the promotions, marriages of two colleagues and the birth of our youngest MP team member. After a short coffee break, we started with the already prepared case studies, which were presented in an entertaining and instructive role-playing.

In the break after the case study, we got the opportunity to explore the surrounding of the hotel which is located at Lake Fuschl. Some of us were swimming in the chilling lake while others just enjoyed the beautiful view of the lakeshore.

To close the day, we took a short hike to a hut above the beautiful Lake Wolfgang and enjoyed our authentic Austria rustic dinner.

On Thursday the first half of the day, we spent on training to improve knowledge for our daily business. In the afternoon we were challenged at the climbing park. At the park, we had to solve different team challenges and so we had a good opportunity to improve our teamwork in a non-work-related situation. The training team at the climbing park Attersee analysed our team behaviour in the different challenges and gave us useful tips.

To relax after the sports activity, we savoured a nice dinner in the restaurant at our hotel and some drinks at the bar.

Our last day of the off-site meeting we used to gain knowledge and shared useful tips in our team for different applications for the daily business. To use the available time appropriately our management team worked on their leadership skills with an external specialist simultaneously.

Due to the beautiful sunny weather, we were able to enjoy our last lunch during the off-site at the terrace with a breath-taking view of  Lake Fuschl.

Finally, we had a short wrap up session to reflect and sum up the findings we gained in the last busy but fun-filled days. With new ideas, new perspectives and a list of to-dos we are getting back to our office and work on our way getting deals done.

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