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Offsite Team Event 2021

Finally, after two years, we have gathered again at lake Fuschl for our annual off-site team event. Even after this long break, the impression at the location was breathtaking, and it was even more exciting to meet the entire team physically again.

We meet for these events to learn and exchange new ideas and spend some quality time together aside from our daily work schedule. As usual, the event started with the group arrival by train and pick-up by bus to the final location.

Each team meeting kicks off with a review of the past months and gives the whole team an overview of all company news, ongoing activities, and an outlook of what to expect in the coming months. Although we receive company updates continuously, the management always surprises us with new internal projects and new corporate implementations to foster the continuous growth of MP.

After the first updates, we split into two groups to receive customised presentation training by our long-term partner and coach HPS. This time, it was a good refresh of professional physical presentation skills with practical tips and tricks. The other team received specialised training on presenting online since it became an important topic over the past months.

To end the first day, we were picked up for a mountain hike to the Zwölferhorn, where we enjoyed a rustic dinner in a chalet. The first day was fully completed with an evening hike down the mountain under the moonshine.

The second day was fully scheduled to spend with legendary Felix Gottwald, a former Austrian Nordic combined athlete who won 7 Olympic medals in his career. He gave us insights into the importance and power of mental focus, which we needed for the second half of the day when we performed a physical, somewhat challenging team workout. Even for some of the sportiest among us, the activity seemed demanding. Yet, we all were very proud after the exercise, which we expressed in the feedback round afterwards.

We celebrated the end of the second day around a bonfire where a food truck served us dinner, and we got a chance to talk to Felix about his experiences personally.

For the last day, everyone had to apply the renewals from the presentation training to show internal topics to the whole group. Everyone could tell that we all improved significantly with the given tips and training.

Our management had also prepared a last company update on the third day in which we all get to understand what we will expect in the next six months to reach our shared vision. And let me tell you, it is going to be extremely exciting 🙂

This year, MP invited everyone to stay an extra night to enjoy the surroundings and facilities. Some colleagues invited their partners, and, in the end, we could finish an inspiring week with some extra refilling time together.

Note: Given the current health circumstances, MP is dedicated to protecting the health of each team member and the environment. Therefore, everyone was obliged to present a negative Covid test before and during the entire event which the company organised.

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