Wood & Paper

What is the best way to approach the wood and paper industry, given ever greater sustainability concerns, expanded technological capabilities, integrated value chains and broader geographical reach? We’re looking forward to taking on your strategic challenges.

Wood & Paper

The wood and paper industry is as old as human civilisation – and more relevant to people’s lives than ever. In today’s world, where consumers and governments are ever more concerned about using non-renewable materials, wood is growing in importance as a (raw) material. It’s a convincing sustainable alternative to a wide range of innovative products aimed at shrinking product footprints. M&A can be a powerful tool to address strategic challenges by expanding technological capabilities, integrating value chains and broadening geographical reaches.

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Paper & Packaging

Fibre-based packaging solutions are here to stay. They are benefiting from technological advances, which have extended the range of applications. Not just that: overall market developments, such as sustainable packaging, the rise of e-commerce and demographic factors are driving this trend. We see companies in this segment verticalising to grow their share of value creation. Ever greater consolidation, with growing pressures on commodity and customer markets, means that converting companies need help to get the balance right.

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Saw & Industrial

Demand for primary processed wood products is expected to grow. They are renewable, recyclable, climate friendly and versatile. That makes them ideal substitutes for non-renewable materials. Most companies are regionally positioned with strong local roots. That means the market is highly fragmented and coming under increasing pressure to consolidate. What’s more, companies are expected to offer more value-added services. We understand the value chain, the distribution channels and the M&A logic involved.

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Home & Consumer

Wood is renewable and endlessly versatile. Economies of scale are a huge growth driver, but the wide variety of products and technologies creates different success factors and margin profiles. Positioning and volumes are essential to determine critical size and sustainable cash flow. Our experts are familiar with all segments and can advise you on the best approach for your company.

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MP is a highly professional advisor with an excellent experience in packaging. In a deal you want them on your side. We are looking forward to the next acquisition we can do with MP. Peter Oswald, CEO at Mayr-Melnhof Group
MP team showed a high level of commitment and substantial knowledge of our industry. Their team consisted of highly professional personnel. They worked smoothly together with our Management team, getting into details and analysis. We strongly recommend them for M&A transactions. Ioannis Tsoukaridis, Shareholder and Honorary Chairman at Paperpack, Greece

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