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The Top 5 Finance Podcasts

If you are a person who likes to stay informed about the ongoings in the world but does not have the time or simply does not like to read newspapers, podcasts are the perfect alternative. They allow you to stay on top of the latest news, developments, and trends without going through the hassle of needing to read things. There are plenty of different podcast formats. There is something for every taste, from long-form expert discussions and short news blitzes to educational lecture-style podcasts. To those of you who have not found anything that suits them, especially in finance, I curated a shortlist of my personal favourites.

Handelsblatt Morning Briefing

This is my personal all-time favourite. Unfortunately for the English-speaking readers amongst you, the podcast is only available in German. The short-form podcast from Germany’s most important business and finance magazine updates you in 7-minute news flashes about current topics in and about Europe. Hans-Jürgen Jakobs and the chief editorial objectively assess news about economics, politics and finance. It is an exceptionally good listen for mornings and on your way to work. As a quick side note, I also recommend the other Handelsblatt podcasts, especially Handelsblatt economic challenges and Handelsblatt Green.

Bloomberg Surveillance

The 20-minute daily podcast from Bloomberg briefs you about international and US-American finance news. This show covers various issues that move the markets, from stocks and macroeconomic developments to political topics. Tom Keene, Jon Ferr, Lisa Abramowicz and Paul Sweeny discuss the latest insights on global markets and the hottest business stories of the day. The Bloomberg Surveillance podcast convinces above all with their high-profile guests and experts as well as their high-quality information.

CNBC Fast Money Podcast

If you are the high-energy type and need some action post-markets, CNBC Fast Money Podcast is the right call. With the same name as its televised pendent, the podcast version covers and captures the same energy as CNBC’s original. Cutting through the noise, Melissa Lee discusses what happened during the day and debates the most “actionable” news with a table of traders.  I like the more individual stock-oriented nature of the show, which confronts me with companies I would typically not consider too much. It is a fun listen and I especially enjoy the American newsroom atmosphere that the show provides.

Financial Times – Banking Weekly

The Financial Times Banking Weekly podcast offers a deep dive into the world of banking. Once a week, the FT banking editorial compresses the hottest topic in global banking into easily digestible 25-minute shows. The banking team carefully prepares a discussion about the ongoings in the most significant global banks. If you are interested in Barclay’s attitude towards sustainable investment or HSBC’s involvement in the Chinese tech start-up scene, you can find exciting insights, opinions and developments. This podcast gives you a vivid feeling of what executives in global banks are concerned with. I enjoy listening to this podcast because of its engaging commentary and fun take on international banking topics.

M&A Science

This educational podcast focuses on every aspect of the M&A universe. No topic falls by the wayside, from due diligence procedures up to the complexity of a sell-side deal. Kison Patel, a former M&A advisor, invites professionals from the industry to talk about real-world M&A issues. It is a must-hear for every entry-level professional, but veterans of the industry can also learn one or another thing. The fun and exciting topics offer versatile entertainment around once a week. The perfect podcast to listen to on your daily one-hour morning run.

The said podcasts have come a long way in recent years. With their growing global popularity, the quality and variety increased considerably. Experts from all fields of study no longer shy away from a podcast host invitation. Why would they? Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume, time-efficient, portable and on-demand. They allow you to listen to information flexibly, which makes it easy to incorporate them into your busy daily lifen. In finance, where it is essential to stay up to date, as Eugene Fama would state, modern-day podcasts open new possibilities to keep pace with the times. I wish you a good listen with my top 5 finance podcasts.

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