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From Birdies to Tapas: A Golfer’s Dream Come True

MP Corporate Finance is full of multifaceted talents with diverse skill sets to achieve exceptional results in both professional and personal pursuits. Over the past months, we have closed numerous remarkable transactions and embarked on thrilling athletic challenges such as the Spartan Race, the TCS Marathon in Amsterdam, and the Bodensee Cycling Marathon. Our following team challenge took place at the verdant fairways of Costa Brava, where we took an exciting adventure of playing a spectacular Camiral Stadium Course, rewarded as Spain’s No.1 golf course.

MP golfing journey began last year when our Managing Partner and amateur golfer Robert Aigner-Lütterfelds gathered a mixed team of advanced golf players with single-digit handicaps, experienced golfers, and enthusiastic newcomers among our colleagues. We started to practice at GC Frühling last spring. The main goal in the first stage was to obtain the license “ÖGV-Platzreife” for beginners to participate in the selected course. We practiced under the guidance of Ewan Rankine – PGA PRO & Golf Consultant – who taught us the proper techniques, as well as the traditions and etiquette of the game. I learned the correct grip, stance, and swing mechanics, improving my shots’ control and accuracy. Despite being a newcomer, I was determined to learn, improve, and experience the unique thrill that golf offers. In early autumn, my colleague Christopher and I passed the required test and completed the course, earning our first certificates with a handicap of 54. Thus, the first part of our journey was completed.

We continued to practice individually and as a team. Each team member dedicated time to improve their skills and performance on the golf course to be prepared for future challenges and tournaments.

For the central part of the MP Challenge, we went to the picturesque coastal region of Costa Brava. We had the privilege of experiencing two days of golf at Club de Golf Costa Brava and the Camiral Stadium Course.

The first day we started with a delicious breakfast, followed by a short warm-up round at the hotel. We then drove to the first course as the tee time approached. After receiving our scorecards and stocking the golf carts with snacks and drinks, we split into two flights, wishing each other good luck and a great game. The challenge has begun!

While you might believe that golf is not an actual sport, it requires a high level of skill and technique to execute powerful swings and precise putts. Additionally, it demands the ability to concentrate before hitting the ball and to decide on the most suitable strategy for a given slope, wind, and hazards. Moreover, you walk long distances up and down the hills with over 20.000 steps per course. Furthermore, golf is highly competitive as players strive to outperform others with the lowest score possible, all in a friendly yet spirited manner.

Each hole on our course presented its challenges, from strategically avoiding natural hazards to navigating tricky greens. We moved along the path with determination and perseverance, cheering each other on throughout the round. With each successful drive, accurate approach shot, and well-executed putt, we revelled in the satisfaction of playing a well-executed game of golf.

We gathered at a local restaurant in Palamos to celebrate the completion of our first golf course. As we shared delicious paella, tapas, an assortment of fresh seafood, and traditional Spanish delicacies, we enjoyed the delightful atmosphere of our accomplishment and created memorable moments.

The second day’s course posed new challenges, demanding strategic thinking and precise execution. As we teed off, the sun bathed the landscape in a warm glow, enhancing the beauty of our surroundings. We navigated the fairways and greens, experiencing moments of triumph with birdie shots and frustration with lost balls in the lake. However, we adapted our strategies and refocused our efforts to overcome the obstacles presented by the course. Fully immersed in the joy of the game, unfortunately, our game had to be cut short due to a thunderstorm. Nevertheless, we calculated the results and congratulated our MP Golf Champion, Máté Martin, for his outstanding performance and well-deserved title.

Our golfing journey was another excellent example of the MP team working together to overcome obstacles and achieve collective success. These unforgettable memories will last a lifetime, and I eagerly look forward to our next adventure.

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