Electronics & Tech

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Electronics & Tech

One core characteristic of the electronics and tech sector is that it’s always moving – fast. Designers, service providers, manufacturers and automation experts on the one hand, and OEMs on the other – they all need solutions to make supply and value chains future-proof. At the same time, they need to keep up with and embrace the new trends of smart connectivity and IoT. In manufacturing, new trends towards regionalisation and near-shoring are particularly stepping up the pressure to consolidate. Our team will help you face the technological and market trends that shape your business environment.

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What mechanical engineers, electronics manufacturers and OEMs need more than anything are strong design capabilities. We find business solutions for hardware and software that help innovative start-ups and established all-rounders alike to gain an edge over their competitors. – whether it is to expand in-house capabilities as an OEM or to extend service offerings of dedicated engineering services providers.

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Electronic Manufacturing

From manufacturers of circuit boards and semiconductors to providers of complex assembly and end-to-end solutions in electronics and mechatronics. This industry is driven by ongoing consolidation, where larger one-stop solution providers are rapidly increasing their market share. We find solutions for all consolidation pressures, such as integrating the value chain or devising scalable buy-and-build strategies for financial investors.

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Smart Building Technology

Smart building technology is quickly revolutionising the way we live and work. It’s ushering in a new era of efficiency, convenience and comfort. With smart building technology, buildings can better monitor, manage and optimise their energy use, provide an improved occupant experience, lower energy costs and build a more sustainable future.
The smart building technology sector is witnessing the emergence of new technologies such as IoT, AI and AR/VR. Companies are increasingly turning to these software-based technologies to develop more efficient and cost-effective solutions to expand their use cases.

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Factory Automation

The days when “Industry 4.0” was just a buzzword are long gone. In the meantime, factory automation has evolved as a core strategic concern for management across sectors and geographies. Providers of automation components and solutions can profit, but they must keep up to speed with accelerating digitisation and integration. For many market players, developing their IoT capacities is time consuming and expensive. M&A can be a more efficient and successful means of expanding technical capabilities. Our team works with you to stay ahead of the curve.

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Mobility +

Connected, autonomous and green. Individual and public transport faces a three-fold paradigm shift making mobility a concept that extends well beyond the mere vehicle. While vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and connected tools of daily use, their surrounding infrastructure has to catch up – fast.
Our clients tackle challenges in this mobility+ environment – from in-vehicle electronic and software solutions through cloud backbone to smart infrastructure. Our team supports strategic projects – from value-chain integration and market consolidation, to securing capital for growth and finding the best new owner.

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Machinery & Process Lines

The machinery industry is geared for growth supported by mega-trends like population growth, sustainability requirements, advances in healthcare and technology, and ever higher consumer expectations and regulatory standards.
Market players can ride this wave – if they manage to navigate current geopolitical challenges, which affect supply chains and investment spending. Those with a clear value proposition for customers and efficient processes are bound to come out stronger. We are here to show you how M&A can help you achieve that goal.

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MP’s professionalism and active leadership during the M&A process was vital in achieving a successful transaction. Thanks to MP’s truly outstanding deal team and market knowledge, we were able to streamline the project and get in contact with several new and suitable potential partners

Sven Herrmann, Majority Shareholder at SI-TEC GmbH

I enjoyed working with the MP Team. Their professional full-service approach, high commitment and broad M&A execution experience combined with specific sector expertise and contacts made them a valuable partner throughout the whole process.

Tero Telaranta, Director at Ahlström Capital

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